I’m a fixer…I have this part of me that just can’t accept that something is hopeless…that there’s not a way to make it better.
I guess that’s why I love broken things. I love the art of putting things back together. The dedication, time investment, and care that it takes to mend something. Kintsugi is the name for this art form. Since I learned about Kintsugi, I have mended many broken things around our house and have cherished each one.
I dearly love my old yard angel. She’s been with our family through a lot of life…the good, the bad and the absolutely heartbreaking. Her wing has been broken since we moved into this house, almost 5 years ago. I’ve never had the desire to try to fix it. Her sweet one-winged self sitting pretty, holding her harp in the middle of our patio is something I have found comforting… it’s ok to not have it all together. You can sing…even when you can’t soar…Those have always been my thoughts looking at her.
I just came outside to enjoy the nice afternoon and she wasn’t on the table. The wind had blown the rug up and knocked her off. There she was on the patio….broken…completely broken. Now, she’s not just a sweet little one winged angel reminding me it’s ok to be a little broken. She’s unfixable.


My thoughts swirl and my heart literally aches. She’s everything I can’t fix…couldn’t fix…..am not meant to fix… “am not meant to fix”…
…God whispers the last one straight to my heart.
“You are not meant to fix everything. So often you hold on to the old and broken when I want to do something brand new….let it go…It’s also ok to fly!”

Published by: Mishelle Phillips

I’m an empty-nester mom from Franklin, Tennessee. I live with my husband of 25 years, Richard. I am blessed with friends and family who love me, encourage me…and talk me into doing stuff that scares me. Over the years I have shared my writings with them and they suggested I start this blog. So…. here it is. I offer it with one hand over my face, peeking through my fingers as I click on the word “publish” … hoping with all my heart you find something meaningful here. Mishelle Phillips


6 thoughts on “Unfixable…”

  1. Beautifully expressed, Mishelle. Trusting that God’s Grace is indeed sufficient for our “unfixables” can be profoundly difficult, and so we are given countless opportunities to take hold of this precious truth. Gentlest Blessings to you.


  2. Absolutely beautiful. Made me think of all the things in my life that weren’t “fixable”. At least not by my hand. I think now that all I can do and all am meant to do is love. Every time and in every place I can.


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