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I’m an empty-nester from Franklin, Tennessee. I live with my husband of 27 years, Richard, and a cute and crazy golden doodle named Copper. I am blessed with friends and family who love me, encourage me,…and talk me into doing stuff that scares me. Over the years I have shared my writings with them and they suggested I start this blog. So…here it is. I offer it with one hand over my face, peeking through my fingers as I click the word “Publish”…hoping with all my heart you find something meaningful here amongst all of my wonderings.

Mishelle Phillips

I Raise My Palm…I Bend My Knee

This is Holy Week. The week when we remember the pivotal moments we see in scripture leading to Easter Sunday…the Resurrection.  Today we remember the Triumphant Entry. It’s Palm Sunday. It’s a good day.  The Messiah is here! We raise the palm! “Hosannah in the highest!”  I learned a couple of years ago that Hosannah … Continue reading I Raise My Palm…I Bend My Knee

Thrill of Hope

When I take the time to REALLY let it sink in, it kind of overwhelms me…. The Messiah, God in the flesh…He really came. He grew up, lived among us, felt what we feel and showed us how to live and love in a way that defies all systems of this world….last is first, to … Continue reading Thrill of Hope


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